Shy embodies our brand why and really is all things creativity, self expression and above all, art on the human canvas!

Shy started her creative career as a tattoo artist back in New Zealand, and a part of her always knew this was her calling. Shy developed a love for ta moko, custom script, black and grey work as well as traditional tattoo styles. However, an unexpected hand injury forced her to make a change to her creative career path as she once knew it. 

After some recovery time, Shy transitioned her creative skills to teaching, using her passion to nurture the talents of others in the field. Although this was a change to her original plans, Shy discovered a meaningful sense of purpose in guiding and inspiring aspiring artists through developing curriculum that really addresses the needs of our future artists, as well as design lessons and practical hands-on training. 

Shy is the brains behind the student experience at CIITA. Taking what she knows and building meaningful learning experiences for all of our students on their first step to a real creative career.




Stevie is what we call a total artsy- where her whole word is art, music and culture!

In Stevie’s previous professional experiences, she felt that the business and creative worlds were vastly different and somewhat disconnected. She never imagined a place where these two realms could intersect seamlessly and be taken seriously—the imaginative dreamer and the practical worker appeared incompatible. Whilst some have achieved this fusion, it’s not as simple as choosing a university course, pursuing a degree, and landing a job in the desired field. Many artists of all mediums face challenges in finding clear career pathways after completing their studies.

Stevie says: “That’s what CIITA means to me. It’s a place where we blend a professional environment for creative minds and offer genuine career opportunities in the creative field.” Stevie supports every student throughout their journey. Whether it be through the enrolment process, to understanding the practical training block, to graduation. Stevie is what makes CIITA a place where creativity and creative skills are taken seriously.


From the team behind CIITA, we thank you. We are making creative careers accessible for everyone, everywhere. 

You are an important part of our journey too! 

Will you be one of our artists who make the future?


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